How to Create a Beautiful and Functional Culinary Garden

by Cathy Wilkenson Barash
1999, 2nd Edition
Paper Back, 128 pages

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Taylor's Weekend Gardening Guides

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Kitchen gardens, located near the culinary center of the house, are beautiful as well as functional. In addition to salad greens and the other vegetables, they can provide herbs, edible flowers, and even cutting flowers to decorate the table. With a long history, epitomizing in the popular reconstructed gardens at Monticello and Mount Vernon, there is a renewed interest in kitchen gardens today.

In this practical book by gourmet horticulturalist Cathy Wilkinson Barash, you'll find all the information you'll need to grow a beautiful kitchen garden in your backyard, or even on your terrace.



Best of the Weekend Gardening Series" - Green Gardener

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